Someone recently asked, "What does Trendkill mean?"  We thought about this for a second, as it means a couple of things to us and what we're hoping to accomplish through this outlet that's built on our love of this music. After a moment of discussion, we replied with something like this...

Trendkill means, essentially, to kill the trend; whatever that trend may be in your world that you don't follow.  For us, the trend is homogenized, bland, pop music of varying genres; often written by a songwriter that didn't even know the artist, produced using harmonizers and fake, or MIDI, instruments and engineered to lure in the masses.  Of course, the only reason that this music exists is because it's a business.  The difference with us is that we're not part of that business. We're not a Big Box, monopoly-based and advertising revenue driven radio station.  We're a circle of music junkies who love sharing that passion for what moves us.  Therefore, everything that you hear on Trendkill is the exact opposite of the trend, and we hope that it's all music that moves you and makes you feel something cool .  We're all in this together, we all have our own paths to walk, but it's music that brings us together.  And that's the music that we're bringing to you.

So, again, thanks for helping us kill the trend and bring back the passion, the buzz, the real talent and the music that's heavy enough to counter the weight that this world throws on us.  And if you want to contribute, please let us know. The requests of other Trendkillers will always be considered and, if available on vinyl, thrown into your favorite applicable program.

Keep killing it... keep your music true... and turn it up 'til it moves you.

From the Trendkill Crew

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